1. Foreign PDC PIRE partners at PACRIM13 meeting in Okinawa, Japan.

  2. NSF PIRE student, Federico Toigo successfully defends his Master's thesis in the department of Materials Engineering at University of Padova. His Master's thesis advisors are Paolo Colombo and Giorgia Franchin, Gurpreet Singh served as his co-supervisor. Congratulations Federico!

  1. First NSF PIRE Project scholar Susana Aguirre-Mede (UT-Arlington) during her PhD dissertation defense. Congratulations Susana!

  1. Henry and Casey Sugie, PIRE scholars from UC Davis spent summer in Ralf Riedel and Gabriela Mera’s lab at TU Darmstadt.

  1. Press release related to NSF PIRE workshop and Annual Retreat:

  1. Photos from the NSF PIRE Project workshop:

  1. co-PIs Kroll, Navrotsky and project partners from Europe (Riedel, Ionescu, Bernard) publish review article on PDC materials--Congratulations. Link to the paper here:

  1. NSF PIRE undergraduate students conducting their summer research in Prof. Chrystelle Salameh's lab in Montpellier. Students from receive hands on experience in fiber extrusion and 3D printing of ceramic materials.

  1. NSF PIRE Europe partners  attending CICC-11 PDC conference in Kunming, China.

  1. NSF PIRE Europe partners Dr. Chrystelle Salameh (U-Montpellier) and Dr. Gian Soraru (U-Trento) attending CICC-11 PDC conference in Kunming, China

  1. NSF-PIRE PI Dr. Gurpreet Singh is visited Universität zu Köln to deliver lecture, review (exchange ideas) the European ENHANCE project. Thanks to host, NSF-PIRE project affiliate Dr. Sanjay Mathur, Chair Inorganics and Materials Chemistry Dept.

  1. PIRE members Philippe Miele and Chrystelle Salameh are on the Scientific Organizing Committee of the International conference Euroboron 8 conference that will take place in Montpellier, 24-27th June 2019.

Philippe Miele, Conference chairman, International advisory committee

Chrystelle Salameh, co-chair.

  1. PIRE member Dr. Sanjay Mathur organized an international  workshop to bring together final year Master students with young PhD scholars. It was a binational (German-French) event and very successful in terms of information exchange and networking. This was supported by international MRS and ACerS chapters.

  1. PIRE members to organize PDC related symposia at GFMAT-Toronto-2019, and HTCMC in Bordeaux, France, on September 22-26, 2019.

  1. Singh and Kroll to send their UG student researchers for summer abroad to University of Montpellier and University of Trento, respectively. Students will learn PDC processing and characterization techniques.

  1. Second NSF PIRE PDC workshop will be held July 15-19, 2019 in Boulder, Colorado.

  1. American Ceramic Society Bulletin published featured article on nonoxide PDC CMCs. Link

  1. Professor Alexandra Navrotsky accepted Professorship and Center Directorship at Arizona State University--start date October 2019.

  1. NSF PIRE partner Professor Chrystelle Salameh from Montpellier visiting Gurpreet Singh's group at K-State to discuss summer UG student exchange visit.

  1. NSF PIRE partners discussed 2019 project agenda over a dinner meeting in Daytona, FL.

  1. PIRE Annual Newsletter 2018. NSF-PIRE-PDC first annual newsletter.pdf

  1. Navrotsky lab Annual Newsletter available here, happy holidays!: xmas 2018pdf.pdf

  1. co-I Dr. Elsa Olivetti co-authored paper on manufacturing scalability in clean energy and materials-intensive technologies, the work provides the overall framework for her efforts in the PIRE program: Huang, Kevin J., Liang Li, and Elsa A. Olivetti. "Designing for Manufacturing Scalability in Clean Energy Research." Joule 2.9 (2018): 1642-1647.

  1. PI Singh awarded patent on Silicon-Based Polymer-Derived Ceramic Composites Comprising h-BN Nanosheets. Link:

  1. co-PI Rishi Raj delivered invited lecture at the MRS Boston meeting.

  1. PI Singh is collaborating with NASA, Made in Space, and Sierra turbines on Turbine Part Manufacturing in Microgravity. NASA has agreed to sponsor two MIS pilot payloads towards turbine engine development. One of the payloads is for manufacturing ceramic parts from a pre-ceramic polymer.

  1. co-PI Navrotsky continues philanthropic efforts, donates $100K to establish Navrotsky award. The American Ceramic Society’s Navrotsky Award recognizes innovative thermodynamic research. Link

  1. NSF PIRE Partner Professor Philip Miele delivered keynote lecture at the #MSE Congress in Darmstadt, Germany.

  1. co-PI Prof. Navrotsky and Riedel attended the "Spinel and related materials"​ workshop in Rudesheim, Germany

  1. co-PIs Rishi Raj and Giando Soraru publish in Journal of the American Ceramic Society. Link

  1. NSF PIRE PI Singh’s review article on polymer derived ceramics for energy storage applications. Link

  1. Prof. Navrotsky From #UC Davis was recently appointed to the California Council on Science and Technology. Way to go Prof. Navrotsky!

  1. First NSF PIRE PDC workshop held at Kansas State University campus.

  1. NSF PIRE Scholars Casey Sugie and Sally Burke visiting Technical University Darmstadt, Germany for research abroad experience

  1. NSF PIRE Scholars Susana Aguirre-Medel and Kendall Hendrix visiting University of Trento, Italy for research abroad experience

  1. NSF PIRE collaborators Singh, Kroll, Bernard, and Riedel attended the 7th International Congress on Ceramics (ICC7) Meeting in Brazil

  1. NSF PIRE Scholars Isabella Cesarone and Thomas Siggillino visiting Sorbonne University and University of Limoges for research abroad experience

  1. Listen to NSF PIRE partner Dr. Gabriela Mera's TUDarmstadt lecture on PDC materials

  1. Watch NSF PIRE PI Professor Singh's (KStateMNE) lecture here: 

  1. Listen to NSF PIRE partner Professor Peter Kroll UTA lecture (Link here: on "Theoretical studies of polymer-derived ceramics

  1. Happy 75th birthday to NSF PIRE co-PI Professor Alexandra Navrotsky of University of California Davis Professor Navrotsky of UC-Davis teaching a new course “EMS 289C: Topics in Glasses, Amorphous, and Disordered Materials”, SPRING 2018

  1. Watch Professor Navrotsky Lecture on Inorganic Glasses and Amorphous Materials here: