Full Program (Important Information including transportation, lectures, and special events):

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2019 Workshop Welcome Letter--Important Accommodation Information:

2019 Welcome Letter 2nd NSF Pire PDC Workshop.pdf

When and Where?

Second workshop will held July 15-19 2019, Williams Village at the University of Colorado Boulder (main campus), Boulder, Colorado, USA.

Colorado tourism virtual guide:

Williams Village (getting around-Map):

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Non-PIRE Invited Speakers

Raj N. Singh

(Invited Lecture)

Oklahoma State University

Ceramic Composites for Use at High Temperatures: Historical Perspectives, Current Trends and Future Prospects

Seetha Raghavan

(Invited talk)

Univ. of Central Florida

Synchrotron Studies of High Temperature Materials under Operational Conditions

Brett Compton

(Invited talk)

Univ. of Tennessee, Knoxville

Direct-write Additive Manufacturing of Polysilazane-derived Ceramic Composites

Aitana Tamayo

(Invited talk)

Ceramics and Glass Institute, Spain

Carbide Derived Carbons

Dora Musielak

(Invited talk via  Skype)

Univ. of Texas, Arlington

High Temperature Materials: Enabling Technology for Hypersonic Flight

Dong-Pyo Kim,

(Invited Lecture)

Center for Intelligent Microprocess of Pharmaceutical Synthesis, Pohang University of Science and Technology (POSTECH) Korea

3D-printed Monolithic Resistant Polymer and SiCN Ceramic Microreactors from a Photocurable Preceramic Resin

Industry Participants

Prasad Apte, Harper International

Douglas Hardy, Starfire Systems

John Holowczak, United Technologies Research Center

Allison Horner, Spirit AeroSystems

Wayde Schmidt, United Technologies Research Center

Roger Smith, Sierra Turbines

Charles Lewinsohn, Coors Tek Inc.

Darren Welson, Starfire Systems

Patrick Flowers, Made in Space

Jared Weaver, GE

Student posters

  1. 1. Susana Aguirre-Medel

Synthesis and Characterization of Silicon Oxycarbide (SiCO) ceramics annealed up to 1500 ºC.

  1. 2. Aly Badran

Deep Learning Image Segmentation on CT Scanned Ceramic Matrix Composites

  1. 3. Shakir Bin Mujib

Biomass Derived Carbons and PDC Functionalized Carbon Composite for Electrochemical Energy Storage

  1. 4. Karissa Cordero

Synthesis and characterization of polymeric aerogels. 

  1. 5. Spencer Dansereau

Development of Polymer-Derived Ceramic Matrix Composites with Direct Ink Writing (DIW) and Flash Pyrolysis Infiltration of Polysilizanes. 

  1. 6. Sophie Justus

NSF PIRE Summer Abroad: My Internship Experience at The European Institute of Membranes in Montpellier, France.

  1. 7. Jacob Regler

NSF PIRE Summer Experience at The European Institute of Membranes in Montpellier, France

  1. 8. Zhongkan Ren

Preparation and Structure of SiOC Fibers Derived from Cyclic Silazane/PAA Hybrid Precursor.

  1. 9. Benjamin Robles

In-situ measurements of stretching and shrinkage during pyrolysis of green PDC fibers under constant load at constant heating rates. 

  1. 10. Davi Soares

Core/shell Nb2O5 Nanoparticles/Carbon on Carbon Nanotubes as Symmetrical Supercapacitor Electrodes.

  1. 11. Federico Toigo

Additive Manufacture of SiOC Composites and Investigation of Their Electrochemical Behaviour for Energy Storage Application.

Scope of the workshop

Workshop is primarily designed to promote face-to-face interactions among PIRE members, and expand the scope of Polymer-Derived Ceramics (PDC) and Ultrahigh Temperature Materials Research and Education.

The workshop will commence with symposium/track focused on Polymer Derived Ceramics (PDCs), including Ceramic Matrix Composites (July 15-16). The primary emphasis will be on PDC-based fibers and ceramic matrix composites (CMCs) for high-temperature applications. Attendees will have an opportunity to gain in-depth information on precursor synthesis; PDC processing including additive manufacturing, polymer-to-ceramic conversion and multi-component PDCs; and nanostructured PDCs including nanocomposites, characterization from pre-ceramic polymers to ceramics, modeling and simulation. Other topics include composite materials recovery or recycleability, additive manufacturing, and PDCs for energy storage and hypersonics.
On July 17, we are organizing an all-day outdoor expedition, beginning with a hike at Estes Park in the morning and a tour of Rocky Mountain National Park in the afternoon. July 18 is designated as a free day, for participants to explore Boulder. During the day, there may be hikes organized to explore the foothills of Boulder, please feel free to join these hikes. For the evening of July 18, we are organizing transportation to a blue-grass music festival in Lyons, CO. 
The morning of July 19 is allotted to short lectures in honor of Prof. Rishi Raj (topics covered: anything related to Materials Science). Prof. Raj's 75th birthday celebrations are scheduled to be held during the latter part of the day on July 19. There will be informal gatherings at his house during the day, followed by a dinner that evening.

Who Should Attend?

Workshop is open to anyone interested in PDCs, ceramic additive manufacturing, and high temperature ceramic matrix composites (CMCs). We also encourage participation by those working on additive manufacturing of polymer composites, PDCs for energy storage, and ultrahigh temperature materials (EBCs and TBCs) for aerospace applications.

Registration Details

There is no registration fee for NSF-PIRE Project members. Non-PIRE members will be charged a moderate fee to cover lodging/food etc. Registration is now close.

2019 Workshop Flyer

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First workshop was held July 16-18 2018, Kansas State University Alumni Center (main campus).

Old Workshop Flyer

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2018 Workshop Program

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